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To find great value life insurance at an affordable price, you should shop around and compare policies from a variety of companies.

Published May 25, 2020

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Use our comparison tool to compare quotes side-by-side from up to 9 major life insurance brands and save money. It’s important to know that there are generally 2 types of policies you’ll find online; Direct (non-advised) policies which are generally sold directly by banks or large affinity partners and Retail (advised) policies generally provided by brokers or advisers.

Life Insurance Direct predominantly compares quotes from retail policies as they are generally better priced and more comprehensive, while also usually having fewer exclusions.

With our comparison software and expert staff, you gain access to important information so that you can make an informed decision that suits your budget and unique requirements. Quotes are also backed by our $250 Lowest Price Guarantee* so you can rest assured we are 100% focused on finding you great value.

Get instant life insurance quotes

Our software provides you with instant life insurance quotes and allows you to evaluate your options side-by-side, helping you choose the right policy. It’s an obligation-free way of getting quotes online based on your personal requirements. No medical or blood tests are required for you to apply, and you can easily add TPD, Trauma and Income Protection Insurance to your quote.

How to compare life insurance quotes online

To compare life insurance quotes, firstly ensure you have selected the level of cover you require including the payment frequency, premium type and if you would like the policy funded by your super fund, bank account or credit card. The Features tab provides you with a detailed breakdown of what is and is not covered so you can easily compare how life insurance companies rate against each other.

Step 1: Complete the quote form at the top of this page

Step 1 Complete the quote form

Step 2: Personalise your cover to fit your unique requirements


Step 3: Add more cover options if required


Step 4: Start your search by comparing prices


Step 5: Compare features from different companies


Step 6: Apply and receive a complete breakdown of your quote


Benefits of using Life Insurance Direct comparison software

Life insurance provides you and your family with financial security in the event of your death or diagnosis of a terminal illness. However, if it is unaffordable or does not provide you with the cover you require, then you might be wasting your money. Therefore, carefully review features and policy information beneath each company, so you to make a fully informed decision that gives you and your family peace of mind.

Whether you are a guru in insurance or looking for life insurance for the first time, our easy to use software can visibly demonstrate the price and select feature differences between policies and companies.

No medical exams needed

In general, you won’t have to undergo a medical exam or blood tests when applying for a policy. However, each company’s application questions (underwriting process) is different and might provide you with a different outcome.

Retail policies: When you purchase a policy through Life Insurance Direct, the underwriting process will be more extensive. With every extra question asked your risk to the insurer will be further refined and will generally lead to cheaper premiums and competitive coverage.

Direct policies: Buying a policy directly from the insurer usually entails a fast and easy application process (fewer questions) with limited to no underwriting. While very convenient, according to the ASIC 498 report you’ll generally have a 71% higher chance of being declined and pay 50% to 100% more for your premiums.

Whether you decide to buy through Life Insurance Direct, a Broker or directly via a Bank, you must comply with your duty of disclosure.

Take note: You may need a medical exam if you have a pre-existing medical condition, for example, diabetes or cancer, and the insurer requests updated results on your condition. Another reason you might need to complete a medical exam is if you want to be insured for a larger sum amount, usually above $2.5 million.

5 factors to consider when comparing life insurance quotes in Australia

Policy comparisons make the most sense when you know what you’re looking for. The more similar the policies you’re comparing, the more accurate and useful your results will be. You want to be comparing apples to apples, not oranges to apples.

Your first step should always be to assess your life insurance needs. For example, how many years coverage do you want, what special features are you’re looking for and what can you afford.

To help you answer these questions we’ve listed the 5 primary factors you need to consider before comparing policies:

1. Cover type and amount

While Australia only offers term life insurance, there are a variety of cover types to choose from. Ask yourself, what exactly you want your personal insurance protection to do for you.

For example, do you want your policy to cover your funeral expenses and provide for your dependents should you pass away or do you want a policy that will take care of your financial needs should you be unable to work for a long period or become permanently disabled?

To calculate the amount of coverage you need, consider your requirements and financial obligations: Financial dependents (spouse and/or children or elderly parents, household expenses, mortgage, outstanding debt, income replacement, medical costs, and home modifications.

The type of cover you choose will affect the type of protection you receive and the premiums you pay. The options available to you generally include:

We make it easy for you to compare policies online with our powerful comparison engine.

Buy with confidence today for peace of mind tomorrow.

2. Premium type

There are usually 3 types of life insurance premiums:

  1. Stepped premiums: Ideal for short-term affordability. They start cheaper but increase each year as you get older.
  2. Level premiums: Ideal for long-term affordability. They start more expensive but do not increase due to a change in your
  3. Hybrid premiums: A combination of stepped and level premiums. They start off as stepped, but converts to level style premiums once the stepped premiums are more than the level premium amount.

3. Built-in benefits

Some benefits come standard. However, the same benefits are not found in every life insurance policy. It’s also important that you know that while certain built-in benefits might come standard with one provider, they may be an additional cost option with another provider. Common built-in benefits include:

4. Optional paid features

There are generally paid for optional extras you can add to enhance and tailor your policy to fit your specific requirements. Features will generally differ between insurers, but the most common additional cost options include:

If you find that a policy that has the features and benefits you want it might be a wise purchase, even though it could be more expensive.

5. Exclusions

Although the precise wording used by insurers might differ, in general, a standard exclusion refers to standard events, conditions or circumstances that won’t be covered by your policy. For example, most insurers will not pay a benefit if death was as a result of suicide within the first 13 months of your policy being accepted.

Carefully read through your policy disclosure statement (PDS) to know when you won’t be able to claim on.

It’s important that you comply with your duty of disclosure when applying for a policy. If you try to avoid an exclusion by failing to inform the insurer of your medical conditions, the insurer might be within their rights to decline a future claim or void your policy.

Where can I find cheap life insurance online quotes?

To receive affordable life insurance quotes online, simply complete a quote request form and you’ll be able to instantly compare policies side-by-side. The premium you’ll pay is based on a variety of factors, including your age, gender, smoking status, medical history and level of cover. However, life insurance policies are generally the cheapest when you’re still young and healthy.

Policy premiums are generally made up of 3 elements:

  1. The base premium.
  2. The policy fee.
  3. Any applicable stamp duty.

Generally, stamp duty is not applied for life insurance policies and may only be applied to other cover types, such as Income Protection.

To find the cheapest life insurance look for:

Factors affecting your life insurance premium

Our comparison tool offers you fast, hassle-free quotes chock full of valuable information. If you want to make the right policy choice and compare life insurance quotes in Australia or want your existing policy reviewed, complete the quote form above or contact us on 1300 135 205.

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